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We know you care about your family. We know you look out for their welfare.

You provide your love ones with everything that they need.      Do you?
In this lifetime, we have been witnesses to various life-changing events that not only affected family members. They have affected entire communities, an entire country, even the whole world.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, wildfires, earthquakes. Catastrophes that took people by surprise, and left them exposed to the elements, homeless, penniless.

Your only PROTECTION against uncertainties is making sure you are always prepared -- Especially when crucial help from government agencies hasn't arrived when you most need it.

The Survival Kit by Guardian gives you that edge. We provide you pieces of “tools” in one package that will provide you peace of mind – when something “unexpected” happens, you and the ones you love are prepared.

We care about your family. We are also looking out for their welfare.

That's why The Survivial Kit by Guardian is here.
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Address : P.O. Box : 12010 San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone : 415-656-0129
Fax :   415-656-0139
Email : customerservice@sosguardian.com
To order Survival kit
  1. Call 1877-SOS-READY

2. Or go to www.sosguardian.com

3. Or send check or money order to P.O. Box : 12010 San Francisco, CA 94112
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